5 janv. 2014

Moving Forward

Shot by Ortie

   Here we are, 2014 is here. A time for changes and renewal. I have never been much of a resolution person but I like that special atmosphere of positive thinking that comes with a new year. These last six months have been particularly rough on me so my main plan for 2014 is to be in good health and happy. Happy with the decisions I make. I will have to go through the ups and downs regardless of my decisions so I just want to make things I have at heart finally happen and to be fully conscious of why they are happening. I am still learning how to deal with my doubts and my expectations. I am also learning to dismiss what the others expect from me. I have a lot of plans in this lovely head of mine and I will have to go through life changing events in just few weeks. Everything will not go according to plan and it is also part of the process. The only thing I have to keep in mind is that I am the source of the positive and the negative. After all thoughts become things and all I have to do is to choose the good ones.

   I wish you all a very prosperous and happy year 2014. Starting new is not even necessary. When you think about it, every day follows on what was already there. You are ever-evolving individuals. Fresh starts are not important, being happy is. Being happy with who you are and the choices you make. Love yourself, the good and bad. Love yourself with all of your perfect imperfections and everything else will follow.
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  1. Such a great perception to change, it's really nice to hear someone acknowledging the continual cycle of each day and the value in focusing on your personal feelings as a person as opposed to who you should be!